Are You Ready For An Awesome Photo Shoot That Gets Castings?


Posted by Wilson Moore on 4 July, 2015.

anaconda modelling photo shoot

Have you ever been to a modelling photo shoot or any kind of photo shoot before? If you have, you will understand the importancr of awesome photos in the life of an amazing model. That is why an aspiring model that wants to make it 'big' in the modelling business, should be insanely serious about all photo shoots especially the initial one.

Having said that:

This is particularly important because as a model, tucked up secretly in your brain and as ridiculous or insane as it may sound to many, is your dream to become a killer online and offline digital model. True?

And you know what means.

Rightly, that would be the coolest investment and photo shoot that you would ever do. You think?

Get this superstar! 

Until then though, let's get this straight, the very first photo shoot that we're talking about is the one you do for your modelling portfolio. With the "wow" effects that this photo shoot creates you get invited to castings. They get modelling jobs. How much is that most awesome and result-oriented piece of investment worth to you?

The price for the professional photo shoot, post-processing and having you featured and promoted massively and ruthlessly on this website is Thirty five thousand Naira (N35,000.00)

Getting signed on with a modelling agency is the first step on how you start to get work as a model unless you're an effective freelancer. You get signed on with our agency after you have completed our FREE online modelling application, been invited to an interview and done photo shoot.

Having a modelling portfolio that rocks is the second step. Successful models use their comp cards as a vital marketing tool. They keep their comp cards closer to them than they do their smartphones!


You see, awesome portfolios and mind-blowing comp cards are crafted with "wow" pictures that are taken at a photo shoot. A successful and effective photo shoot is so important because it skyrockets the chances of a model or actor landing that dream casting job.

A lot of models don't know what to expect at a photo shoot. By taking the time to read this, you will learn how to make your photo shoot a huge success.

If your dream is to become a professional model, you will be required to work in front of a camera. The earlier you learn the tricks, the quicker you will excel at your craft. A successful photo shoot boosts your chances of being cast. The photo shoot should be taken very seriously by any model or actor.


How To Prepare For A Photo Shoot


Best advice - Practice, Practice, and Practice!

Even top models spend time in front of the mirror – practising expressions and poses to prepare for a photo shoot.

It is important to know how your face feels when you smile or laugh, or frown, or pout. It is important to know how your body feels when it is posed in an attractive manner. What poses can you practice for a photo shoot?

Get in front of a mirror, days before your photo shoot and practice different and creative facial expressions in front of the mirror. As you look in the mirror, smile at yourself. How do you look? Pretty good huh? Go ahead and learn how your face feels with a perfect smile.

A perfect smile is one with no chewing gums, and eyes open, not squinting. Practice your poses in front of a mirror while naked. Without clothes, you have to learn how to place your hands and make them look attractive.


Types Of Photo Shoots And What They Involve


Test Shoots

Test shoots usually refer to the practice of a photographer wanting to try out a creative idea, test new equipment, or just to build his own portfolio. Sometimes, a photographer might just want to try out how a photo shoot would go with the set-up of the photo session.

The other side of test shoots is for models who need test shots for their portfolios. This can be organized by the model themselves so they can get professional shots to show to agencies, or by an agency who wants to represent a new model.

Test shoots are usually a simple trade of services. Do not expect to get paid for a test shoot, just as a photographer will not expect a reward for the photography he/she does. So you could view it as a friendly set-up of one professional helping another, which works both ways.


A Model's Photo Shoot

There are some basic goals which you should aim to fulfil as a model during your photo shoot sessions.

First of all, you should know how to make the life of a photographer as easy as possible. A model, who knows what he or she is doing and who does not need so much managing or prodding will definitely make the work of a photographer easy.

If you show flexibility and you can adapt to the setting easily, this will make the photographer feel much more at ease, and will consequently allow for the photo shoot to go according to plan without delays or disruption.

Secondly, it is a very important thing to remember to keep yourself healthy and energetic. You should never arrive at a photo shoot looking tired and exhausted. A tired and exhausted look affects the outcome of a photo shoot in a variety of negative ways.

Therefore, remember always to get a good night’s sleep before the photo shoot. That makes it exceedingly easy to do your shoot with energy and eagerness as expected.

Finally, when you have a photo shoot scheduled, always come well prepared. Usually, all details relating to a photo shoot are discussed and set beforehand, therefore coming to a shoot with all the necessary items is vital.

This is a good representation of your own reliability, so in order to appear as professional as possible, make sure you come fully prepared.

In addition to the latter, always make sure you arrive on time. Nobody appreciates waiting around, especially as studio time costs money. So it’s always better to come early rather than late.

When all the preparations have been made for the shoot, then start your one-on-one communication with the photographer. Your ability to communicate with the photographer is the key, as it sets the tone and speed of the shoot. So listen to the instructions of the photographer carefully and try to make his/ her job as easy as possible.

Naturally, the more a model and a photographer work together, the smoother the photo shoot. Whether it’s your first or your tenth time working together, you should always aim to ask the photographer what he or she wants in order to facilitate the most effective working environment.



You should always make sure that you are dealing witha professional photographer, especially when it comes to test shoots. There are lots of people luring and scamming young, impressionable models.

That is serious enough that you should always consult a professional photographer for taking your photographs, especially if you are just starting out in the business.

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