Do You Want To Be A Corporate Video Model Or Presenter?


Updated by Wilson Moore on 17 June, 2020.


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Do you want to be a corporate video model or presenter? What do corporate video models or presenters do and how can this knowledge benefit you?

On the other hand, are you looking to hire a modelling agency to provide models for your corporate videos?

In this article, an aspiring model or model will learn or add to your knowledge of what a corporate video model or presenter does.

Where the jobs are and how brands can benefit by hiring professional corporate video spokespersons in a COVID-19 landscape.

With more people working remotely and some relying heavily on videos, marketing with videos has become a necessary marketing tool for companies.

Let's get started.

A corporate video presenter is the face and voice of the brand on the internet.

The major goal of a professional video presenter is to entertain and inform a target audience by presenting the brands' information in an attractive packaging that engages the viewer.


What A Corporate Video Model Or Presenter Does


Many brands are not blessed with articulate, charismatic executives who can churn out corporate videos with ease.

Therefore, many companies hire professional video presenters who represent their companies professionally in their corporate videos.

Models who are articulate, compelling and charming are hired as corporate video models or presenters to help companies communicate with their target audience more effectively through great videos.

You've probably seen online, some corporate videos that featured models.

Some companies use models and videos on their 'about us' page that is on their corporate websites to tell their stories.

These beautiful, articulate and charming models communicate the corporate message in an engaging and professional way using specially produced video content.

Some of the corporate work that models do are commercials, corporate overviews, product reviews and demonstrations.

For companies that are blessed with very articulate, charming and charismatic executives, the decision to use in-house corporate talent is pretty easy.

On the other hand, large or small companies that are not blessed with such in-house talent, use professional corporate video models or presenters to make an engaging and compelling case for their companies using corporate videos.

Models who have awesome 'TV presence' are hired as:


Corporate Models For TV And Video Commercial

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Though models are featured a lot in music videos, many companies, hire presenters or models for commercials.

They do so for good reasons.

For instance, it is not always a cool idea to link the CEO or MD of a corporation with the brand.

Besides, unless a company has a very compelling, smooth, articulate and charming, leader, it is much better using articulate and engaging corporate video models or presenters to deliver a result-oriented marketing and branding campaign.

Video Models For Product Demonstrations

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Effective corporate video models deliver well-crafted marketing and branding campaigns in an amazing way.

As good as some models may be, some product demonstrations are just too complicated or technical that they are better left to the experts in those particular fields.

Further, targeted technical audiences trust one of their own technical people.

You can imagine them having fun at the expense of models or presenters who “probably don’t have a clue about what they are talking about”.

Conversely, models that are a perfect fit for a target audience can be hired to sell non-technical products to B2B or B2C.
Effective video models boost marketing and branding strategies.

Models and presenters are best at demonstrating 'how something works'.

They can deliver real-world examples, whether in the field with a customer or re-enact in a digital studio. 


Video Models For Corporate Overviews

For those companies, where one product is it, this category overlaps product demonstrations.

Models love corporate overviews, because they are brutally candid, opinionated, and never sugar-coated.

Also, they can be hilarious sometimes.

Corporate overviews are the best platform to show off or showcase executives or employees.


Because the primary goal of the corporate overview is to highlight the company.

Showing real people behind a company is always a winning marketing strategy.

The whole project has to be authentic, credible or it won't hit all cylinders.

An even bigger problem is, oh my, when a lovely owner, MD or company executive is just plain boring in a corporate video.

You got the point.


Corporate Video Creation Process


The first step in creating a successful corporate video is to decide your main reason for creating the video.

What do you want the video to accomplish?

A good corporate video strategy aligns with the overall marketing strategy of the brand.

However, your target audience determines how you go about your video marketing.

You would agree that the way you present a video message to kids will differ from how you deliver the same message to their parents or grandparents.


Here's the big one!

Decide exactly what you want to say to your target audience.

This falls at the intersection between what you want to achieve and what your audience wants to know.

As you hone your core video message, you want to be laser-focused on the one thing your target audience needs to know.

The more precise you are on your core message the less diluted it will be.

Then use a message map to refine and strengthen your core message as shown in the video below:

Build your video strategy

How are going to reach your audience?

No matter whether you reach your audience on through social media, your website or YouTube channel, you want to place a strong call to action at the end of your video.

Write a summary of the video process we have discussed – video brief.

One last thing before you pull out cameras and lights, you need a script.

Professional agencies craft a script that the presenter reads from an autocue machine in a studio.

An effective script reflects not only the video presenter’s personality and natural language use, but that it also perfectly ties in with your core message, tone and voice of the brand.



Are You A Corporate Video Presenter?


From what we've discussed in this article, are you a corporate video presenter?

As a presenter, your look, personality and presenting style are all important parts of the trade.

However, effective video presenters develop their own unique styles of delivery throughout their careers.

Despite that, they are required to work according to the image, manner and tone dictated by message and brand.

Professional video presenters are hired based on the reputation they have with their style.

The ability to adapt to the target audience, and what they expect, is a vital part of being a professional video presenter.

With the combined talents of our models and video post-production team, we turn ordinary concepts into extraordinary masterpieces of a campaign.

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What do expert video presenters do differently?

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