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Posted by Wilson Moore on 30 April, 2015.

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In all megacities of the world, including Lagos, any aspiring model that wants to make a successful business out of modelling, needs a good modelling agency. No doubt, as an aspiring model that wants to be known as the next global sensation, you've spent a reasonable amount of your time researching modelling agencies.

No doubt, as an aspiring model that wants to be known as the next global sensation, you've spent a reasonable amount of your time researching modelling agencies. With your awesomeness, you should.

If you haven't done such a necessary research, why not start today?

A pretty good reason why you need to do a thorough research on 'modelling' is that modelling is a business. Highly successful business people use the services of a mastermind coach to achieve mind-blowing successes. 

Convincingly, just like star athletes need a great coach to bring out the best in them, a model that wants to be a global sensation, needsan amazing agency to help her become stunningly successful.

Your modelling career starts when you are making a business out of modelling. In other words, you're getting paid. Professional and successful models get paid handsomely.

So how do you become a professional model so that you can start making a business out of modelling?

It starts with a good attitude and a good dose of confidence in yourself. If you've been told by trusted friends and family members that you look like a model, a proper dose of confidence can convince and motivate you into thinking that you might just be one.

Of interest, if you've looked at yourself in the mirror and you see amodel, you might consider a business in modelling.

Additionally, if you’ve been looking at models in fashion magazines, billboards, and television commercials and you've thoroughly convinced yourself that you can do a better job than the models you've seen, maybe you can.

What is stopping you? Importantly, how do you break into the modelling business? 

Before you get all worked up and get too happy, keep this in mind:

Almost every modelling agency seeks women or girls, as they are called in modelling grammar, between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one years old (14-21). Younger girls are favoured over older models.

Age is king in modelling. 

A younger face means longer time in the modelling business, which translates into more money. Most fashion models end their careers at the age of thirty (30). Now that you know the lifespan of your fashion modelling business, let's get back to the business of modelling.

Every aspiring model should follow these steps in order to get into the modelling business.


Choose Your Modelling Niche Carefully

It is of the utmost importance that you choose your modelling market very carefully. This is highly significant because, in modelling, there are different markets. Choosing the one that you are most qualified, comfortable and well suited for, will have a major effect on your modelling success.

The main modelling markets are for catwalk, plus-size, commercial, and swimsuit or lingerie models.

Catwalk models are generally at least 5’8 and, and as you already know, are quite thin and not blessed with curves. Plus size models also tend to be about this same height as catwalk models except that most of them wear over a size 10.

Commercial models, on the other hand, can be a little shorter and their body types can also be more diverse. Commercial models are the kinds of models that you see in catalogues and on television commercials.

Anaconda Modeling Agency® promotes only commercial models!

The last groups are swimsuit or lingerie models. They are often referred to as glamour models. They have a gift of larger chests than the other models. On the other hand, their waists are incredibly smaller than the other models.

These are just guidelines and there are always exceptions to every rule.

Therefore, if your body type is not suitable for a catwalk model, and you have an enviable strut or a unique look, you can still be a successful model.

Your first step should be to seek out a legitimate modelling agency to help you look for jobs that will suit your talents.


Create A Mind-Blowing Portfolio

A model’s portfolio is incredibly important since it shows pictures of the model's past work. The portfolio is your first marketing tool that casting agents, brand agents, or designers will look at in order to see whether you are a great fit for their campaigns.

Understandably, when you’re just starting out in your modelling business, the pictures in your portfolio will be few. In time and with success, your portfolio will grow. For now, ask a friend to take a few photo shots of you to give agencies an idea of your look, so that you can get signed on.

Once you get signed on, your friendly agency would help you in developing an awesome portfolio that will help you get work!

The kinds of pictures that you feature in your portfolio, should look like the pictures you see in the market you’re targeting. No matter what market you want to work in, your portfolio should always include a few variations of headshots.

If you’re going for commercial modelling, make sure you include a decent amount of pictures that show your beautiful smile. For any other type of modelling work, you should have an equal or larger amount of serious looking pictures.

Once you have an awesome set of pictures, put them together in a portfolio, and make sure to include a page with your stats in this book, too. This should list your height and all your other measurements, along with your hair and eye colours.


Do You Have Stunning Composite (Z cards, Sed, Zed or Compo Cards)?

comp card

Here are the basics for an effective comp card: Remember that a close-up headshot is a very important part of your comp card. The headshot should be from head to shoulders, or perhaps from the waist up, but no wider than that.

Why do models and actors need comp, sed, z, or zed cards?

Comp card is short for a composite card. It is like a business card used by actors and models for commercial print auditions and self-promotion. The size used by most modelling agencies is 5.5 x 8.5. It has a headshot on the front and 3-5 images on the back.

The purpose of having different kinds of pictures is to show as much variety of the talents of the model as possible. An effective comp card should show you display your different modelling talents. The ideal images on the back of your zed card should look like tear sheets from magazine ads.

Actors use comp cards, too. While a model’s comp card is editorial (like a spread in Vogue Magazine), the actor’s comp card is a lifestyle (talking on a cell phone or hailing a taxi). 

A comp card is an important resource in addition to a headshot. It allows you to introduce yourself to industry professionals in a much more diverse way than with a headshot alone.


Submit Your Portfolio And Z Cards Massively And Insanely To Agencies

With your completed portfolio all set, it’s time to get in touch with some legitimate modelling agencies.

First of all, do your research and make sure to find reputable agencies that cater to the modelling market you’re interested in.

Then, check out the agencies’ websites to find out how they prefer you to submit your book – some will have you mail it in, while others will let you fill out forms and upload pictures online.

Additionally, many agencies have open casting calls, which offer great opportunities for aspiring models. At an open call, models bring in their portfolios and meet with casting agents.

At casting calls, the agents take a look at the models up close, in order to decide which models are a good fit for the campaign of the agency.

If given the opportunity, we would always suggest going to a casting call over just submitting a book. In real life, your personality can shine through and instantly enhance your chances of getting hired.

If you do go to one of these castings, be sure to bring a composite card that has your pictures on it, along with your stats, name, and agency information.


Keep Looking For Exposure And Experience In Modelling

Finding an agency can be a long process, so if it takes a while for someone to see your true potential, don’t be discouraged. At this time, look for other ways to get exposure and experience on your modelling business.

Social media platforms offer amazing opportunities for models to promote themselves massively and insanely.

If you're ready for a modelling business, do yourself a solid. Fill out our FREE online application form.