Are You Ready For Mature Or Grey Modelling?


Written By Wilson Moore on 11 February, 2020.


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Are you in your thirties, forties, fifties and beyond, and think that the best years in your modelling career is behind you?

Have you always dreamed of being a model but worry that you're too old to model?

Are you a young fashion model and you worry that your modelling career will end pretty quickly in your early twenties?

If you've thought about those questions, you are not alone.

And that's because the fashion industry has been age shaming models and aspiring models in their twenties and beyond.

That's until recently.

Welcome to mature or grey modelling.

Today, mature models (baby boomers, Generation X and Millenials) are growing in popularity than ever as marketers recognize the spending power of ageing consumers.

In recent years, brands have used different marketing strategies to appeal to different sexes and generations.

In this article, you will learn why there is so much demand for mature or greying models and how you can capitalize on this trend.


Why There Is Demand For Mature Or Grey Models

There is a demand for mature models because marketing and advertising agencies realize that it makes economic sense to use models in the same age bracket as their audience in their campaigns.

Most of the campaigns featuring grey models are "lifestyle" modelling.

That means that the campaign is staged in such a beautiful way that the target audience can see themselves in such a natural setting.

Having engaged them in such an empathetic and persuasive way, they are ready and eager to buy the product or services.

To illustrate:

If your target audience is strictly baby boomers, do you think that they would believe a pretty young 22-year-old trying to sell them on pharmaceutical products?

However, marketing or advertising agencies don't follow vanity trends or metrics but they follow the money.

According to Epsilon’s report on cross-generational shopping trends and statistics conducted in the U.S.A:
Baby Boomers (ages 55-75 years old) spend $548.1 billion annually.
Gen X (ages 36-54 years old) comes second with $357 billion annual spends.

Millennials (25-35) are next with $322.5 billion in annual spend

The Silent generation (ages 76 years and older) spend $162.9 billion annually.

As the generations with the most disposable income continue to mature and grey, mature or grey models will continue to be in high demand for all kinds of modelling work.

This trend is expected to continue as marketing experts feature models in their campaigns who reflect their target audience.

That means models of all ages, including mature or grey models can find work.

Besides, the life expectancy of boomers, Generation X and Millenials keeps increasing. That means that work for models of all ages will continue to increase and last.


What Do Modelling Agencies Look For In Mature Models?

Many people indeed believe that they must be a stunning beauty or an incredibly handsome man to be a successful model.

What modelling agencies look for in mature models is similar to what they look for in different types of models.

Modelling agencies are interested in working with a person that looks his or her age.

That means that if the campaign calls for a 50-year-old female, you don't want a model that is 50 but looks like she's 30.

That defeats the idea of the mature look. Here are a few other specifics:

A mature or grey model should not be camera shy. That's because any uneasiness or discomfort will show in photographs.

Since modelling is all about selling products and services, a mature model should have a warm smile and a bright face.

Wrinkles won't disqualify you, so don't try to cover them up.

A mature model should showcase a picture of health and vitality.

That means having glowing skin and a healthy body.

Having a modelling experience is not important but being a professional is.

Body measurements for mature modelling are not as strict as they are in fashion modelling.

Modelling Jobs For Mature And Grey Models

As you consider your modelling goals, consider the various types of media you would like to get hired.

Though there are different types of jobs available to mature models in different industries, pay attention to the type of work you would like to do:

  • If you aspire to be a mature model in the fashion world, there are runway jobs, modelling in catalogues, or modelling in editorial publications.


    Brands are looking for mature models to work for newspapers, magazines, brochures, and billboards.

Successful grey models can expect to be booked in advertising, medical/health, editorial, character and more.

Also, modelling agencies are responding to the demand from top fashion designers to sign beautiful models in their 70s.

How To Become An Older Model

mature or grey model joining a modelling agency

Can male or female still become a professional model after 50?

The answer is yes!

The fashion & modeling industry welcomes variety of models including child models, curvy models and senior models.

If you're an older man or an older woman, you can still enjoy a successful modelling career.

Though you are expected to be fit and healthy, as a mature or grey model, you are not expected to conform to any looks.

Modelling agencies like to see natural beauty and confidence in mature models.

For us to consider you as a mature model you will need to be:

  • 35-50 years or older.

  • Should have a healthy and toned body.

  • Showcase a vibrant and charming personality through your poses.

  • Have good skin.

  • Embrace your grey hair.

    Wrinkles and age spots are not a problem.

How To Approach A Modelling Agency

As an aspiring mature model, you must show confidence in your look and make the most of your assets.

That means that if your selling points are a good skin and hair, make sure you highlight them in your pictures.

Also, if your body is your best selling point, then showcase it by dressing and posing in a way that flatters it rather than detracts from it.

Whether you've always wanted to be a model but never got to it, or you are looking to restart a previous modelling career or are hoping to make your commercial modelling debut, now is the time to prove that age is just a number.

So what are you waiting for?


Are You Ready To Dive Deep Into Mature Modelling?

Are you serious about becoming a successful mature or gray model? If you are, go ahead and step out there with confidence and style.

Marketing and advertising agents have all kinds of modelling jobs for older models.

As every generation continues to age with longer lives and strong buying power, marketers will continue to use the images of mature models in their campaigns.

Companies are looking for ordinary older people to become models. So that they can use the images that reflect their target market in their campaigns.

Therefore, if you're serious and eager to become a successful mature or gray model, and you've got what it takes, please send your pictures to any of these WhatsApp numbers:

234 803 317 5396

234 805 793 7786


Tips For Your Introductory Images

  • Please submit only your current images that are taken in natural light and with mild or no makeup. Your images should be both close-up and full-length, showing you smiling and not smiling.