Astonishing Mind-Blowing Reasons Why Every Model Should Have A Good Attitude


Updated by Wilson Moore on October 1, 2018.

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As an aspiring model or even as an already established model, do you have a good attitude? To some, 'this attitude question is oudated and a ridiculous and silly in this day and age?

In the age of selfies, inststant gratfication on instagram and 'me first and unaplogically selfish generation, at the end of this article, you would appreciate why attitude matters.

As 'bad as you think' you are, sincerely and candidly, is it easy for others to work with you?

What has attitude got to do with modelling?

A lot!

You see, modelling is a team sport. And as a team sport, that means that your team has to be successful for you to be successful as a model.

Oh my.

That means superstar that you have to drop your bloated and hypocrotical ego.

Members of your team are real and love what they do.Think of your makeup artist, creative directors, videograhers, photograhers, other models and the brand that is benefiting.

Are we getting somewhere with this attitude stuff?.

As much time as you spent in reading this article, I am convinced that you want to be successful in any given field of your fancy.

In this case it is modelling.

Models and aspiring models should always display a good attitude irrespective of their beauty, height, or how smooth a skin they have.

Good or bad attitude will have a lasting effect on the career of a model.

You might be surprised and not shocked that many people think that all they need to do in order to have a successful modelling career is just to look good in front of the camera.

And then pose for professional fashion or glamour photographers, and then the checks start coming in.

Not so fast, not yet. For those models that have a good attitude, much kudos to you, because a good attitude plays a most significant role in whether you succeed or fail irrespective of what type of model you are.

Therefore, it is very important for you to take a sober and candid look at your attitude. Do you really like what you see?


Do You Present Yourself As A Professional?

A career model that knows perfectly well what it takes to break into the modelling businessis not tardy. Why?

That's because a professional model understands perfectly that modelling agencies and their photographers don't tolerate those that show up late. Really, no profession tolerates people that are late.

Forget the lies they told you about African time. We operate in the global world and we honour global time.

Another annoying category of people with a bad attitude is those that dress inappropriately. Not only are they dressed inappropriately, but they show up with layers of makeup on open call interview, or to a casting call.

They are an annoying distraction to the whole marketing campaign.

The public is distracted annoyingly by irritating odours too. We don't bite our tongue, we are professionals. Always keep yourself clean, charming as if ready for work at any time.

As much fun as it takes to pose in front of cameras, it takes a lot more work to learn the business end of modelling. If you've made the decision to be a model, and you know what type of model you aspire to be, that is a first good step. Congrats!!!

As a professional, it's time to look over your marketing materials and then grab your portfolio, and start applying to modelling agencies. When you get invited to a casting call, carry yourself as a professional. Go with a good attitude and you will be treated with respect.


Good Attitude Calls For Patience, And A Willingness To Accept Temporary Failures

 “I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” 
― Thomas Edison.

You will definitely get a lot of 'nos, you can'ts' or just silence on your 'comp cards" or 'portfolio' that you send out. Remember that what seems like failure is temporary.

Patience is needed in order to build a successful modelling career. As much as a person wants to get ahead of the curve and be successful 'sharp sharp', the reality is that it takes time, you need to be patient. That is needed in every profession too.

Another truism is that you will have to pay your dues. This is the same for anybody and everybody, no matter what sector of the modelling industry they want to get into.

Furthermore, in order to get to the top one must start from the bottom. If it were that easy, the journey wouldn't be as remarkable and enjoyable. A good attitude will sustain one when doing less glamorous jobs.

Moreover, by maintaining a professional and polite disposition, even when doing a booking that seems demeaning at the time, instead of pouting and whining, people will remember you positively.

Also, people definitely, will always remember the easy-to-work-with model. On the other hand, they will not forget easily, the model that is hard to work with either. Professional, polite, hard-working models with a good attitude are bookable models.

The best of the best have accepted failures, and tons of 'nos' as temporary roadblocks, and not the end of the journey. You have to give it all you got if you want to become the best of who you want. Doing so as long as it takes!

Do you really have a good attitude? “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.” - Robert F. Kennedy


Do You Have The Self-Confidence That Endears As It Charms?

Self-confidence is defined as: "a feeling of trust in one's abilities, qualities, and judgement". It is an important ingredient in making emotional connections, which trigger actions on the part of the prospect, customer or client.

This is how beautifully Ralph Waldo Emerson, an American essayist, lecturer, and poet put it: "Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be."

Yes, the client wants their message, the selling of their product to be delivered by someone who exudes self-confidence.

Self-confidence is also needed when attending castings or go-sees. Be equipped and mentally ready to face and accept rejections.

From time to time, you will receive knock-backs on jobs you thought was already yours, just perfect for you! It may baffle you, yes, but it is not a personal affront. It is part of the business.

Get this: Many casting directors are privy to very specific ideas on what the client is looking fo. When you are rejected, don’t take it personally, because it wasn’t personal – it’s just business.


Models With A Good Attitude Are Disciplined

Please study the work habits of successful people and try to tweak and add your style and turn it into your brand. Did you notice that we said 'successful people' not only models? The formula is the same, the outcome is predictable.

Besides, professionals have a routine and are always striving to be better at their craft. Take your pretty time to practice your poses and expressions daily.

Also, never forget that you are responsible for your success or failure. Therefore, promote, promote and promote yourself consistently.

Importantly, with your hard work coated all over with a garment of good attitude, you will start to see steady jobs coming your way. Plan your work and work your plan all the time.


What Type Of Modelling Interests You?

What type of model are you? No matter what type of model you are or aspire to be, having a good attitude and a reasonable assessment of yourself, will serve you in good stead.

Most importantly, your attitude can either make your dream of becoming a professional model come true or be forgotten.

If you've got what it takes to break into the modelling business, contact our agency, we will help you to be successful. 

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