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Kids' Modelling |:: Could Your Child Be a Model?

Posted by Wilson Moore on 31 January, 2020.

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Could your kid be a Lagos, Nigeria child model?

Do you want your child to be like those amazing, wide-eyed babies showcasing the latest expensive child diapers or helping sell everything from juice to cream?

As you flip through any fashion magazine, surf the internet, even drive by any stretch of highway billboards, and you see those cute kid models, have you ever wondered "How can I get my child to be a model like that?"

If you've ever felt that your kid is cuter than those kid models you see on billboards, online or in fashion magazines, you are not alone.

Many parents feel the same way.

However, child modelling is more than smiles and a little bit of cash.

There are many elements of modelling that parents or caretakers need to consider before getting started.

So, in this article, we will learn the best way to get your child into modelling.

You will also learn what parents need to know about child modelling, themselves and their child.

Let's get started.

How Do You Promote Your Child As A Kid's Model?

There are different ways that parents can choose for their children to become models.

They are Do IT Yourself (DIY) and hiring a modelling agency.

Do It Yourself (DIY)

Because of social media, many moms that have the time and are creative are going the DIY route in their child's modelling career.

That means that they bypass the modelling agency and essentially become their own “agency” for their child.

By acting as their agency, they reach out to fashion shops, small businesses and photographers.

They also create and submit the kids' portfolio and comp cards to casting calls organizers with the hope of being chosen for a particular gig.

To be successful, parents take pictures that show off their baby’s best assets.

Your child’s personality should shine through the pictures.

The businesses that would hire your kid are always looking for his or her beautiful or unique facial features.

Such charming features include big bright eyes, high cheekbones, great smiles, clear skin and a great personality.

Tips: When you do your photoshoot, no headbands or hats, don't use hats or any kind of makeup in child's pictures.

Make sure that your whole baby's face show in the pictures not covered with hair or any fashion accessory.

Also, use recent pictures, and make sure that your child looks as close to the head-shots or photos as possible.


Find a Legitimate Modeling Agency

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If you chose not to manage your kids modelling career, finding a reputable modelling agency determines the success of your child’s modelling career.


How do you find a trustworthy modelling agency?

To find a trustworthy agency, first, do your research.

That means that you go online, look up different modelling agencies' websites, make phone calls, set up in-person appointments.

Avoid any large, upfront fees, they could signal a scam.

Make sure that the modelling agency that you want to promote your child will be a good fit you and your child.

After you find a modelling agency for your child, you may have questions like:


Can you get modelling jobs in Nigeria?

If you want your child to model in Nigeria, you need to understand that most jobs are in Lagos.

That's why we recommend that you and your child live in Lagos.

That's because Lagos is the centre of television, advertising, magazine, and offline campaigns. There's work in other Nigerian cities too.

Those little jobs are mostly for local advertising campaigns.

Competition is fierce, but not impossible to overcome.

What makes a good baby model?

Babies don't have to be perfect like supermodels, but they need to have beautiful features, such as clear skin, bright eyes, great hair, and an easy smile.

One of the first things that you need to understand before you introduce your baby or toddler to the magical world of modelling, is that modelling agencies want a child that looks all-natural.

What does that mean?

It means that your child’s hair should be down and all-natural. No use of hair products, any crème or makeup on of any kind.

The reason why modelling agencies require the all all-natural is that they use models to sell products.

Certain products require a baby or toddler to look a certain way.

Please note that the company that is paying your child will put the makeup on your child the way it suits their campaign.

It should interest you to note that modelling agencies want to see your child's face as a blank canvas that they can mould into their ideal model.

If you’ve already painted on the precious canvas, then the modelling agency will have a hard time seeing the possibilities in your child.

Agencies are looking for a baby with a lot of personalities.

Such personalities include being mostly happy and smiling.

But if a baby starts crying and hugging the parent, you know she's not going to work out.

If I get invited to an agency but my baby is having a bad day, can I reschedule?

Please, still show up unless your baby is sick.

Modelling agencies just don't have the time to be screening new models frequently.

If you are invited to an interview, call and book an appointment, and then don't break it.

A parent who needs to reschedule sends up a red flag.

That red flag is that he or she may be unreliable about showing up to modelling jobs.


Is there anything you can do anything in the few minutes you're there at the agency with your baby?

mother and child model


If your baby is invited to a modelling interview, the agency wants to interview you as much as your child.

How you act can make or break your baby's chance of becoming that supermodel.

Agencies expect parents to be balanced between being a professional and laid-back.

Agencies need parents to be completely committed in their kid's modelling career, yet relaxed.

Agencies don't like pushy parents.

A parent should be able to cheerfully rearrange her schedule at the drop of a hat if an agency calls for an audition.

At the same time, she should not take rejections personally.

Please don't bring the whole family to the agency and don't come with excuses if you're late.


What kind of work do baby models do?

The bread-and-butter work for kid models is catalogue, store circulars, and in-store advertising posters.

They also do fashion offline and online campaigns for magazines.

And then there's lucrative work in commercials, television, and movies.

With social media marketing, more kids are used to deliver killer videos for companies.

To get your child started as a model, send your pictures to these WhatsApp numbers:

234 803 317 5396

234 805 793 7786