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Posted by Wilson Moore on 4 July, 2015.

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As a model or as an aspiring model for that matter, do you have a modelling porfolio that rocks? In fact, in Lagos, as in all megacities, having a modelling portfolio that rocks will really boost your chances of landing that amazing casting job you've been dreaming about.

Wha is a portfolio?

According to Wikipedia, "An artist's portfolio is an edited collection of their best artwork intended to showcase an artist's style or method of work. A portfolio is used by artists to show employers their versatility by showing different samples of current work. Typically, the work reflects an artist's best work or a depth in one specific area of work

Historically, portfolios were printed out and placed into a book. With the increased use of the internet and email, however, there are now websites that host online portfolios that are available to a wider audience. Sometimes an artist's portfolio can be referred to as a lookbook."

From your understanding of what a porfolio is, you would readily appreciatr why building an immensely effective modelling portfolio is the first step on your path to being a professional model. It boosts your chances of getting signed on by reputable modelling agencies.

An awesome portfolio is very important for the promotion of a model. It is always the first thing that agencies and clients look at before they even choose to see you in person.

That is why we highly recommended that you focus on the building of a stunning modelling portfolio. Such a mind-blowing portfolio will skyrocket your modelling business to an amazing success.

In order to build such a killer portfolio, only awesome pictures will be selected for this important presentation. 'Good' and 'great' pictures should not be in your portfolio.

Having amazingly killer pictures that will impress agencies and clients alike and make you standout from the rest is the purpose of a good portfolio. Keep in mind that an effective portfolio should show the variety of your talents. So always aim to project the best possible image of yourself.


Why You Need A Portfolio That Rocks!

A portfolio is the most important investment that a model makes in her modelling business. A good portfolio promotes you fantastically, screams out your personality, and dazzles your audience with your unbelievable versatility.

It simply ‘sells’ you to any client.

That is why it is very important to keep in mind that the purpose of an effective  modelling portfolio is not only to show that you are strikingly beautiful, but also to demonstrate your ability to portray different characters, age ranges and personalities.

Since commercial modelling market covers a wide range of products, models that can present a variety of poses are more likely to get more work. Showing variety in poses demonstrates to an agency or prospective clients how committed you are to the business of modelling.

Modelling agencies are dying to see your flexibility, and above all, your passion. Your confidence gets a boost from your being able to display different poses.


Select From Only 4 Sets Of Pictures For Your Modelling Portfolio


They are Bad, Good, Great and "Awesome" pictures.

Your modelling portfolio should have ONLY GREAT and "WOW" or Awesome pictures. Just go ahead and throw away your bad pictures. Then, place your "WOW" pictures on the right-hand pages of your portfolio and the great pictures on the left-hand side.

As an aspiring model, only a few awesome pictures will be needed.


In A Modelling Portfolio, How Large Should The Photos Be?

Which of these sizes is correct for a portfolio? 8×10, 8.5×11, 9×12, or 11×14?

The correct answer depends on your market. If you're modelling in New York city, 9×12 and 11×14 books are popular and are often required. Now, if you're in Miami, snapshot sized “mini-books” are a popular trend. Here in Lagos, 9x12 portfolios are very popular.

We recommend that you buy a book that holds 9×12 pages. After all, if you are hoping to do print work – your tear sheets are likely to be 9×12 – so you want them all to fit in the book. Genius huh!


How Many Photos Do You Need In A Modelling Portfolio?

I'm glad you want to know. Less is more!

You will not impress with quantity – you will make a lasting impression with quality. If you think about it – we can take only two good photos of you – a headshot and a full length in order to market you successfully.

Your headshot and full-length photos are great for showing that you are beautiful and have a good, fit figure. Now, if that is the case, why do models go through all the stress because of a portfolio?

You ask good questions, please keep reading.

The purpose of a good modelling portfolio is not just simply to show that you are attractive, but it is also to show your ability to portray different characters, age ranges and importantly, personalities or characters!

As an aspiring model, consider 6 – 12 pictures as enough to showcase yourself to our clients. Twenty pictures really should be the maximum. That is if they are 20 “WOW” pictures. Unfortunately, good pictures don’t make our grade, and wouldn't get you noticed as a model


Do You Need More Than One Photographer To Develop Your Portfolio?

No. Now, if you have plenty of naira, euros or American dollars to spend – hire several photographers to help you develop your portfolio. Always remember that you will not get more work because you have spent lots of money to shoot with multiple photographers. Your "wow" or awesome pictures get all the work for you!

The key to an effective modelling portfolio is a well thought out, well planned, and well-executed selection of your 'wow' pictures to best market you. Our team will help you do exactly that.


Should All The Pictures In Your Portfolio Be In Color?

Is every advertisement in colour?

Of course not! Black and White is not only an artistic medium that can be used effectively to create and convey a mood, but it is also a medium that is still very much in use today.

Don't be shy, go ahead and include a few 'wow' Black and White photos in your portfolio. What a classic!


Modeling Portfolio Tips

Your marketing materials are your portfolio photographs, comp cards and your resume. A portfolio is a model's basic promotional tool. It is principally a model's photo album showcasing the best photos from tests and job bookings.

When you start your commercial modelling business, your portfolio should include:

At least two headshots with two different expressions. One of the pictures will show you smiling and the other one showing you looking serious. On the other hand, you can have one of the pictures taken in the studio and the other one taken outdoors.

For those interested in fashion modelling, your modelling portfolio should contain at least two fashion shots. One of the photos should be casual and the other one a little more formal. If you move well, you might like to include an action shot. Don't forget to add at least one full-length shot showing the proportion of your body.

It is better to have fewer photos, that are really "wow", than a full portfolio of photos that are boring.

Every good portfolio needs a mix of commercial and editorial shots, location and studio. You will also need at least one great body shot. A professional and tasteful editorial style photo is best.

To add flavour, you may include one amazing B&W headshot with minimal makeup.

A strong portfolio opens doors for a model while a weak one closes them. Your portfolio and comp cards are often the only things a person sees before deciding whether or not to contact you.

If at all possible, your portfolio should be appropriate to the situation and client. That is why, all portfolios that we help our models develop, show their creativity, skills, range and ambition for a targeted audience.

It is the overall combination of these tips, plus that "special something," that makes one model stand taller than the others. In other words, that's what makes a modelling portfolio that rocks!


Your Portfolio Should Be Organized And Visually Appealing

When you show up for a casting with loose photos, cut up contact sheets, loose slides, torn or bent photos, they are good signs of a poor portfolio presentation. It reflects badly on the model.

Just as an accountant wouldn't present his resume on crumpled pieces of papers, models should not have a careless and distracting modelling portfolio. Your presentation should be taken very seriously. A good modelling portfolio should be neat, creative, appeal ling, and very professionally done.


How To Market Yourself Insanely And Aggressively As A Model

Marketing yourself as a model is a business all on its own. In fact, some models even hire marketing agents and professionals to promote them. If you have a good modelling agency, this is what they get paid to do for you.

Once you sign on with a reputable agency, they should promote you.

However, if you want to make your own career and speed things up a bit, you can find awesome ways to market yourself in ways that will not interfere with the rules or policies of your agency.

In today's digital world, it is ridiculously simple to create social networking pages on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Using these platforms, you can upload your portfolio images and promote your services.

It is our recommendation that you join as many social media network groups as you can. And if you can, make a YouTube video for the global community to enjoy your talents!

If you're an aspiring model and you want to kick-start your modelling career with a BANG, do yourself a solid! Please fill out our FREE online application.