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Frequently Asked Questions About Modelling |:: Lagos Agency Modelling


Updated by Wilson Moore on February 8, 2020.

what do you know about modelling

As a Lagos, Nigeria aspiring model, what modelling questions do you need answers to?

Over the years that our Modelling Agency has been in business in Lagos, we've been asked tons of questions about modelling and rightly so.

Perhaps, by reading the questions that other aspiring models just like you have asked, you will be well-informed and then able to get answers to your most unique nagging modelling questions.


Let's get started:


Question #1: How Much Is The Application Fee?

This is the most common question that we get.

The reason why that is the most common question that we get asked is that because most modelling agencies in Lagos charge application fees and money is looking ugly right now in Nigeria.


Anybody home?

We don't charge application fees.

However, we do charge for a photo shoot and promotion of our models.

Please read more about our photo shoot here.


Question #2: Why Don't You Charge An Application Fee Just Like The Other Modelling Agencies?

We understand and appreciate where the other modelling agencies are coming from.

However, legitimate modelling agencies are considered employment agencies.

Although the cost of doing business in Nigeria is very high, we know that it is prudent not to impose more financial burdens on a model that is already broke.

If our aspiring model is awesome and has ridiculously amazing Divine gifts, abilities and attitude to be an incredible model, not charging an application fee is the least investment that we can make.

Do you agree?

Keep reading then.


Question #3: As A Modelling Agency, How Do You Make Money?

This is an awesome question and one that every model should ask before they join a modelling agency.

As you read in question #2, modelling agencies are like employment agencies.

And just like successful employment agencies, they work insanely hard to get jobs for the models in their agency. And they get a percentage of what the models make.


Question #4: How Does A Legit Modelling Agency Work?

The answer to this question is amazingly significant and still highly important. Pay attention!


If for no other reason, a proven way you can avoid common modelling agency scams is to be smarter than the scammers.

You do that by equipping yourself with information on your chosen profession. Seriously, you should find the right agency on your own!

Legit modelling agencies are great because they help models globally to land all sorts of modelling jobs that the model would not get without the expertise of an awesome agency.

Legit modelling agencies in Lagos and globally, help models start their modelling journey.

They do that through test and photo shoots, crafting or updating their modelling portfolios, and importantly, getting them their first modelling job.


Agencies sign on tons of qualified models to advertising agencies and their many other clients.

As you already know, the models have to be ridiculously stunning models. And the way it works is this, the more models an agency has, the more money an agency can make.

And that's because successful agencies get insane calls or emails etc. from clients who need models for any type of job including ushering.

Based on the needs of the client, the agency now recommends the best models for that marketing campaign.

The clients choose the particular models that they desire for their job, and as long as everyone is available, the models are hired and the job is performed.

The agency makes money when the models are finished with the job. After the job is done, a couple months later (don’t ask me why it takes this long) the models get paid and the agency takes a typical 20% commission off of this (commission may vary, but this is standard).

Some agencies may make money by pushing modelling classes or crazy phoo shoots ( please read Warning: Do Not Join Any Modelling Agency Until You've Read This! ).

Legitimate modelling agencies make their cash by getting models jobs and taking their commission.

By your reading and understanding this information, it helps you to make an informed decision.

It gives you an insider view of how the industry you aspire to join, works.

Additionally, it equips you with the knowledge that would help you to avoid scams by making educated decisions.

You would agree that knowledge and understanding help you make smarter and awesome decisions. his piece of advice applies to more than just modelling.


Question #5: How Do I Get Paid As A Model In Your Agency?

That is one of the important questions about modelling that you deserve an answer to. In other words, what's in there for you.

Sincerely and candidly, the pay and satisfaction that you can get as a mode are not the same for every job. And the better the jobs you get, the more lucrative the pay.

Your agent is the best judge of what you can earn and should be earning and they will most definitely be on your side because they will earn more too.


Question #6: What Is A Modelling Casting Call?

This is not the question that most of the models that I have interviewed have asked.

Rather, it is a question that I have asked many times during modelling interviews and most models just looked at me as if I fonded them in German.

Can you imagine?

All a casting call is that visual interview where you as the model present yourself in front of an advertising agent or casting director.

Advertising agencies are the ones that hire commercial models and they do it through casting calls.

That is why even they've seen your pictures on our website or through our other promotions, they still want to meet you in person.

Moreover, they wanna make sure that your pictures that we promoted are a recent reperesentation of how you currently look and to make sure you skin condition etc. is the same.

Did you get the point?


Question #7: What Is A Comp Card?


Wikipedia: A comp card (also called composite card, z card, zed card or sed card) is a marketing tool for actors and especially models. They serve as the latest and best of a model's portfolio and are used as a business card. Read more here.


Question #8: Do I need A Modelling Portfolio?

A portfolio is an essential tool for a model to gain professional work. It is a collection of professionally shot images that is ultimately your visual modeling CV used to advertise your skills and abilities in front of the camera.

Although professional images are not needed to apply to agencies a portfolio is something that they will need to market you in the future and you can use to market yourself to freelance opportunities.

It is almost impossible to be put forward for or apply to castings without one, as agents and casting directors will want to see that you have the confidence, experience and natural ability in front of the camera before offering you paid work. Read more here.


Question #9: How Can I Get Jobs In Lagos With The Way The Economy Is Right Now?

Great question. Modelling is a part time job. For insance, if you are a face model and for an example GLO hired you as their brand ambassador - face of their producs and services, how many ineractions would have wih them?

As soon as the photo shoot is done, they are done with you. And for the branding to work, their consumers have to associate your face with heir products or services.

Tha takes time.

Moreover, it is not easy to get jobs in Lagos considering the way that the economy is.

So, how can a model get a job?

We train and offer models jobs as remote workers. Read about remote work here.


Question #10: Do I Need To Go To A Modelling School Before I Am Signed On By A Reputable Modelling Agency?

Oh my, we get tons of that question, why, there are many modelling schools in Lagos.

The direct answer is no.

Although going to a modelling school might sound like a great idea, it’s not usually required for you to be successful as a model.

Look at the facts. How many successful models in fashion or otherwise that went o fashion schools.

As a matter of fact, you can quote us on his: 'top modelling agencies in Paris, New York or Tokyo don’t require their models to attend a modelling school before signing them.'

If you’re told you have to go to an agency’s classes before they will sign you, you might want to consider another agency


Question 11: What Types Of Modeling Jobs Does The Agency Offer?

It would benefit you if you know in advance the different types of modeling jobs that the agency offers. Equallly important is information on how much work the modelling agency has available in runway, commercial, editorial, promotional or print. These types of questions can help you decide if the agency can match your career goal


Question #12: How Many Years Has Your Agency Been In Business?

It is ridiculously easy to set up a modelling agency in Lagos.

With just a Facebook page and a hoel room tha serves as an office, some have set Iup a modeling agency.

Now you can understand why it is highly important that when you are choosing a modelling agency that would partner with you in your career goals, that you check em out.

Find out how many years the agency has been in business. If they've not been in business for at least five years, an exception would be if a highly experienced or well-known professional in the fashion or modelling industry branches out on their own.


If you are satisfied to your nagging modelling questions, go ahead then and fill out our FREE online modelling and ushering jobs application form to get started in your modelling journey.