Modelling In Lagos |:: How To Avoid Modelling Agency Scams


Posted by Wilson Moore on 4 July, 2015.

modelling agency scams

Modelling agency scams are very common and countless especially in Lagos, Nigeria. Sadly, tons of inexperienced and unsuspecting young girls and boys have been harmed financially and emotionally by heartless enterprising scammers.


They just don't know any better. If you're an aspiring model, it is most likely that you are very young, inexperienced and with an incredibly potent fireball of zeal to succeed.

To a scam artist, your youth, inexperience, boosted by your generous dose of stubbornness to reality, makes you a shamelessly attractive target to be had.

Add that to a person that dreams of living that awesome lifestyle of the rich and famous, away from a life of unemployment, poverty, and hopelessness, almost any story is hopeful.

Do you feel me?

Yes, because of wanting to become the next hot supermodel, many models have become easy preys for scammers.

The results have not been pretty. Sadly, some aspiring models that want to make it so 'sharp sharp' are all too willing to listen to anyone that would tickle their itching ears with half cooked up lies. You don't want to get duped, do you?

Get this: No matter how street-wise you think you are, if you are young and inexperienced, you are a prime target of modelling agency fraudsters. Tweet: if you're desperate, you've just made the job of modelling agency scammers much easier. Via @anacondamodel

A lot of the online places that you visit, and that promise you heaven and earth, guaranteeing that you will be the next big model, are just modelling agency scam websites. There are tons of them.


Modelling Agency Scams Come In Three Main Groups

 The three main categories of modelling agency scams are: 

  1. Self-named agents
  2. Media recruitment agencies
  3. And Internet modelling sites - this category includes some portfolio hosting sites.

The common thread that runs through all of them is - 'if you send us money' then:

'We will help you get signed on to a modelling agency.'

'We will help you find work as a model.'

'We will send you to the promised land.'

If they claim to be a modelling agency, no legitimate modelling agency charges any money to sign you on as a model. If you have a marketable talent, agencies would just love to sign you on for FREE. After all, legitimate modelling agencies make money from a percentage of what the model makes.

Other fraudsters pose as agencies and make their money purely by selling mostly over-priced and mainly low-quality portfolios to aspiring models.

There are better ways of getting a portfolio if you are a freelancer. If you are being promoted by a legitimate modelling agency, they would get you a portfolio that rocks!

Another way that modelling agency scammers make money include "joining fees" and "annual fees." If you're fortunate, the most that you get is a listing on a ridiculously useless website that nobody visits.

Facilitators are companies that make it clear that they are not modelling agencies but claim that they will submit your photos and details to modelling agencies on their own database. 

The main objective of facilitators is to trick you into thinking that you need a modelling portfolio - not so. 

The facilitator will then refer you to their photographer or photo studio to have a portfolio produced. Still with me? 

Once you buy into this scam, the modelling agency then charges the aspiring model mind-blowing fees. That way the modelling agency, photographer, and facilitator get paid handsomely and you get duped shamelessly! 

Interestingly, the facilitator, photo studio and modelling agencies are often the same entity. They all want you to sign up with them for a fee.

Watch out for this uninspiring but popular sales pitch: "We already have work for you but you first need to sign up with us and have a portfolio produced". Such a pitch usually comes with a heavy price tag.

There are fraudsters who claim to represent an actual photographer or agency but don't. All they are interested in is getting an advance-fee. What a fraud!

Their goal is the same: To take as much money as they can from you without providing anything in exchange. They are good at making you think that passing on their "once in a lifetime opportunity" will make your dream of becoming a model end. 

Don't be naïve, don't become a victim: If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Check out these many other excellent sites that are exposing all kinds modelling scams: 
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Clive Hurst's site
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 Are you are interested in joining a legitimate modelling agency for FREE?