Modelling Agencies In Lagos |:: How To Find One That Suits You


Updated by Wilson Moore on 28 May, 2020.

modelling agencies in Lagos

Are you searching for a Lagos, Nigeria modelling agency that would be the perfect fit for your modelling goals?

Are you seriously looking for a legitimate and proactive Lagos modelling agency that would help you succeed?

If you are, you're not alone.

In fact, an agency that suits your modelling career goals will be one that caters to the type of model that you are or aspire to be.

Some have started out as one type of model and switched to another type of model in the middle of their modelling business.

Still, others have been incredibly successful by sticking to just one type of modelling.

It boils down to - it is your choice.

Understandably, agencies vary from the types of models they accept to promote. So, what type of model do you aspire to be or are you?

It is extremely important to know the type of model you are first or aspire to be before even thinking of an agency that will represent you and be your evangelist.

This is especially important because, once you know the type of model that you are, or aspire to be, that will determine the kind of modelling agency that will suit you to the tee.

As you already know, some modelling agencies don't accept every type of models, but instead, focus on certain types.

And those models are the ones they are best at promoting.

If you don't join a professional modelling agency that aligns with your type of model, you will not be successful as a professional model.

You see, some specialize in fashion and glamour, while others are the best in commercial print or TV commercials.

On the other hand, there are some agencies that represent a combination of different types of models.

It is important to note that legitimate modelling agencies receive on a regular basis, tons of applications every month from models and aspiring models. 

Unfortunately, only a very small amount of people even get invited to an interview.


How Our Modelling Agency Works

how a modelling agency works

We don't hire models, we don't offer them jobs. We represent models.

Mostly, marketing or advertising clients contact our agency requesting a certain type of model (curvy, kids), age, sex, or ability.

Our agency then shows the client the models we have.

Most of the time, they choose directly from the website or we send them the models' images by e-mail.

After that, the client chooses the model they're interested in booking.

We negotiate the rates and how the images would be used.

Now, we check if the model or models are available for the campaign.

After the model does the job, the client pays, and then we pay the model.

Our agency takes 25 percent of what is quoted to the model.

Our models do blog articles modelling on different blog titles, digital marketing promos, commercial print advertising - ads, and TV commercials.

They are uniquely qualified to act as company spokes-models as well as do your product reviews, YouTube channel productions but not limited to company profile videos.

However, WE DO NOT represent or are we interested in NUDE, glamour, bikini or swimsuit modelling of any kind.


Models, Be Realistic, Humble, - Know Your Limitations

Since your great aunt told you repeatedly, that you are the next best thing to the world after oxygen; it would be hard to convince you otherwise.

Every family has one, some even more.

That is why you need to have a proper and reasonable expectation of yourself.

Be realistic, know your limitations on your own marketable appeal. Importantly, have an awesome attitude.

Self-delusion is the biggest scam of all.

That means that you will be totally candid to yourself about your strengths and also of your weaknesses.

On the other hand, don't shut all the doors on yourself but have an open mind on opportunities that will not conflict with your spiritual morals.

Some models have been rejected in one type of the modelling business and then found to be amazing stars in another area of the business.

The beauty of the modelling profession is that it’s all about the right face at the right time.

Therefore, make a habit of being flexible with your appearance.

It is not to your benefit not to look the same all the time when you're in the modelling business.

By changing your appearance from time to time, you might just get the advantage that you need the most.

Is that not what you are looking for?


What To Look For In That Agency That Will Suit You

how a modelling agency works

It is important to note that all agencies are not the same, even when they cater to the same types of models.

Despite that, what the good ones have in common is that they look out for your best interests.

They even help you find a good job since professional modelling is a part-time job.

When you finally find an agency that will meet the needs of your modelling business, you've found a family.

A good modelling agency is your family of the enthusiastic cheerleading team.

They are always on your side, working with you and for you.

Your amazing agency is the one that promotes you massively and ruthlessly!

Apart from negotiating the best deals with clients on your behalf, your friendly modelling agency will have all the contacts within your niche of the modelling industry.

They know what's up!

The good ones even know about casting calls before you do.

Just like an actor or actress needs a good agent, you need a good agency if you're serious about modelling.

That is if you have what it takes to break into a modelling career.

After your meditation and pondering, it is time to get in touch with an agency.

So, based on what you're looking for in your modelling business, you're now ready to submit your applications.

Not so fast, hold your brakes.


Research The Agencies To See If They Are Your 'Perfect' Match

Researching the agencies that you want to be part of their family of models should be a cool and pretty easy thing for you to do.

Grab your smartphone, iPad or any other device that tickles your fancy and Google the words and phrases, 'modelling agencies in Lagos', 'modelling agencie in Nigeria', and 'model agency'

After that, follow it with the word 'scam'. Watch the surprising results that follow.

As you look at the return of your search results, you will notice immediately the paid ads either on top or side of the organic results.

The paid ads are modelling agency scams.

Legitimate modelling agencies do not advertise on Google paid ads, Yahoo ads, Facebook or any other social media sites for that matter.

Genuine modelling agencies invest in your career as a model and are not interested in taking your little stipends from you.


Apply To A Modelling Agency That Matches Your Business Goals

applying to a modelling agency

After you have done your thorough research, it is time to put the information to use.

Apply to the modelling agencies of your choice. Go to their website and find out how to apply.

If they are asking for any type of money upfront, they are scams!

Do your best to present yourself in the most professional way you can as a model.

By now you already know that the modelling industry is pretty crowded.

The only way you can be seen in a crowded place is to stand taller than the rest of the crowd. You have to do that in your modelling business too!

Do you want to stand out from the crowd or be overshadowed by it?

It is really a rhetorical question. Since you want to be successful in your modelling business, you must target the right market that is the best fit for you. 

Google the agencies you think would be the best fit for you.

Be prudent, be sharp and be smart! It is a dangerous world out there.


Understand Rejection In The Modelling Business

Have a good attitude towards rejection. It will happen as you start out as a model.

It will continue even after you become a supermodel.

It should interest you to note that even the world’s most highly-paid and successful models are not right for every campaign or magazine spread.

If you've got what it takes to break into the modelling business, with persistence and a good attitude, you will be successful.

In fact, you will be successful.

Be brutally candid with yourself about your modelling abilities.

Research the modelling agencies before you sign a contract.

Watch out for scammers and be prepared to accept a good dose of rejection.

If you have what it takes to be a successful model, send your pictures to any of these WhatsApp numbers:

234 803 317 5396

234 805 793 7786