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Posted by Wilson Moore on 11 March, 2018.

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Are you looking for events ushering jobs in Lagos or are you interested in ushering jobs in other major Nigerian cities like Abuja and Port Harcourt? Many people who are not familiar with what events’ ushers do, will be informed after reading this article.

Professional ushers offer professional and important service, especially in the Nigerian high-end social event landscape.

Why should you be interested in ushering jobs?

Most people tell me that they are interested in ushering jobs because the money is great especially in a tanking economy.

Additionally, the working environment is excellent. While the money is awesome and the working environment amazing, there are people who are just cut out for this kind of work.

There are plenty of people that would love to be airline hostesses. Whether you are an airline hostess thousands of miles above the ground, or you are an event usher right here on the ground, the jobs are very similar. You must love people or at least be patient to tolerate their idiosyncrasies.

Having said that, the next question is – Are you qualified to do ushering jobs in Lagos or any other Nigerian city like Abuja and Port Harcourt?

A good barometer for measuring the qualifications of a corporate usher is to examine the qualifications of airline hostesses.

To qualify as a corporate event usher, not only must you be good looking, you must also be athletically looking. That means you're in good shape to move around for long hours.

This is a job that requires a lot of movement and standing on the feet. A good usher must be charismatic, charming and a good a communicator.

The reason why this is highly significant is that ushers work in theatres, weddings, art gallery events, restaurants, wedding receptions, fund-raising efforts, conferences, trade shows, stadiums, symphony halls, and other places where people gather to watch a performance or sporting event.

When patrons get to an event, they hand their tickets to ushers who direct or lead them to their seats. They tell patrons where to find telephones, restrooms, and the refreshment stand.

For social events in Nigeria especially weddings, ushers greet and direct guests to their seats. In addition, they provide them with the information they need in order to enjoy the event.

Furthermore, the responsibilities of hostesses may include acting as a spokeswoman or emcee for the event.

They also coordinate with organizers and staff members or featured guests. They mingle and socialize with the crowd to making sure that the event runs seamlessly while the patrons enjoy themselves.

Ushers have additional responsibilities that fall in the realm of customer service. For instance, they often help patrons search for lost items, keep unruly people under control, and ask people who are sitting in the wrong seats to move.

When disorderly people do not heed the warnings of an usher, a head usher or security guard may be called in. In small theatres, ushers often have to perform the duties of ticket takers.

Ticket takers are responsible for seeing that only person who has paid the admission charge to enter the theatre.

Ushers have very little to do with the performance, so they usually get to watch the event free of charge.

During theatre intermissions or halftime at sporting events, they direct people to refreshment stands and restrooms. When the performance or event ends, ushers make sure that people leave the theatre safely.


Age And Marital Status

Many agencies have different age requirements for their ushers. Normally they prefer males and females within the age group of 17 years and 28 years. Although many ushering agencies prefer unmarried ladies and men, some allow married women and men also.


Physical Standards

Ushering jobs are all about behaviour and physical appearance. The minimum height required must be 5.8” or 1.7272 m. It is important to note that the weight of an usher must be in proportion to her height. Skin complexion does matter. You must be physically fit with an attractive and awesome physique.


Medical Standards

Just as you have physical standards, medical standards are very important. An usher must not have a history of any kind of mental illness. The eyesight requirement is that you should be able to see pretty good with or without eyeglasses. Importantly, as an usher, you should not be suffering from any major disease.


Education And Training Requirements

There are no special schools for training ushers. They are trained on the job. It should be noted that most t employers prefer applicants who have at least a good secondary school education.

Hostesses should speak the common language of the patrons fluently. In Lagos that would be English, Yoruba and Pidgin. Ushers should be neat, courteous, and able to get along with all types of people.

They may have to be firm and persuasive to quiet unruly guests or move people to their proper seats.


Summary Of Skill Requirements For Ushering Jobs

Having just normal qualifications like educational, physical or medical is not enough for becoming an excellent usher in Lagos. It takes way more than those skills to become an excellent usher. Your behavioural skills should reflect your personality positively.

Ask yourself these important questions:

Do I Have A Pleasing Personality?

A good appearance garnished with a pleasant voice makes an awesome personality. That means that you must be friendly to the patrons at a social event. A friendly outgoing personality is what makes an incredibly awesome usher.

Are My Communicative Skills Effective?

Good communicative skills are extremely important in the job of an usher because you would be required to communicate with guests and all. You must be able to communicate with the guests so that you can help them out if they need anything. Whether it is English, Pidgin or Yoruba, here language proficiency is a must.

Are You Focused?

Are you easily distracted? If there is an emergency at an event that you’re ushering, would you be focused enough to direct the guests to the best action to take? Excellent ushers show great presence of mind in any such emergencies.

Being focused also means that you show up on time to all ushering jobs. Being focused also means that you show up on time to all ushering jobs.

Can I Work Easily With Others?

Ushering job is a team sport because you have to work with others and associate with different people. Those that have learned the secret of how to work seamlessly in a team make great ushers! In other words, you have to work in tandem with the rest of the team.

Am I Cut Out For Long Hours?

Many people cannot stand on their feet for a long time. Ushers are required to stand on their feet for a long time, can you? Would you? The reason why you need to give this serious consideration is that would be required to show up on time and leave late.

On the other hand, Lagosians love to show up late to events and if they love it, leave late. Are you getting the picture?

Do I Have A Positive Attitude?

What is a positive attitude? "It is a mental state that expects the best to happen. It is actually, positive thinking, the habit of believing that things would turn well and not allowing negative thoughts and doubts to disturb this belie" Such an attitude brings out the best in you as an usher.

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