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Posted by Wilson Moore on 14 Feb, 2018.

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Are you seriously looking for an ushering job in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt?

And if you are not interested in being a social event usher, are you as an individual or corporation seriously considering hiring ushers for your upcoming hot social event through a professional and reputable agency?

If you answered yes to any or both of those questions, I encourage you to keep reading. I will address your interest in social event ushering jobs in Lagos in particular and more.

As I do, you will readily understand and appreciate what the qualification and requirements are for landing that lucrative and incredibly mind-blowing ushering job you've been dreaming about.

And if you’re looking to contract the services of a stunning professional agency that will provide you with most gracious awesome ushers for your next important social event, this article will provide you with the information that you would dearly need in order to make an educated buying decision.

 It gets even better.

When all is said and done, I will explain to you in a ridiculously simple and detailed way, the important steps that individuals or corporations that are ready to hire ushers would have to take in order to qualify for our out-of-this-world royal ushering services.

Even though this information equips the buyer powerfully and effectively on how to make an informed decision, enquiry minds still want to know. 


What Really Do Ushers Do At Social Events?


Buckle your seat belt and let’s take off with the second question – what do ushers do at social events? If you have flown on Air France or Emirates airline, you would never forget how those royal pretty faces with amazing smiles that greeted you warmly and helped you find your seat made you feel.

Did you notice that those most elegant pretty faces that you met displayed an amazing attitude, awesome in shape, astonishing in style, and ravishingly hypnotic in terms of beauty? 

It gets interesting, if you are not careful, you might just blindly blundered yourself into the illusion that you were sitting pretty in a palace where everything is so comfy and damn luxurious.

You would agree that those beauties make an usually nervous flight ridiculously easy and relaxed.

You see, those neatly packaged flight attendants are chosen because of their height, smile, figure, the way they look in that amazing uniform and the incredibly warm way that they speak.

As the face of the brand, they become one of the most prominent features that arrest the attention of their clients and boost services insanely.

Bringing it down to the ground and to social events, enquiring minds still want to know what ushers really do at social events.

Just as airline hostesses or ushers work hard in coordinating and ensuring that their guests have a smooth flight, social event ushers make sure that you have a hitch-free and memorable experience at any event that they are assigned to.

Ushers play a very important role during a formal event. Their role is crucial because they are on duty before, during and even after the event has ended.

What this means is that, if ushers are not on point as far as their duties are concerned, it will have an adverse effect on the event and on the reputation of the organizers.

Ushers or hostesses are used at social events to escort guests and patrons to their seats.

And at other events like weddings, ushers are on the ground to escort VIP guests like parents of the bride and groom, to their seats usually at the front.

Could you believe that just a few years ago, ushers made sure that the groom's guests sat on the right and the bride's on the left? Times have changed.

Recently, the job of an usher at weddings have been mainly on making sure that the seating arrangement is balanced.

At other social events, ushers help guests locate their seats as is the case at an auditorium, theatre, or stadium.

They also reconcile differences or disputes over tickets and help all guests find their seat.


Ushers ENFORCE The Rules That The Patrons Have Outlined


ushering job

Not all the guests at any social event behave the same way.

Well trained ushers enforce the policies of the patron as it regards to guest behaviour, importantly during the social event.

These policies may include any disruptive behaviour or activity that may occur at the event.

For instance, ushers may have to remind guests and patrons to turn off cell phones at weddings and events.

Additionally, at sporting events and concerts where it's not necessarily cool to be quiet, ushers escort out unruly or intoxicated patrons.

If a situation gets out of hand, even to the point of causing danger to patrons, ushers notify the head usher who contacts the police.

If the occasion is a wedding, an usher typically reports directly to the best man.

At other social events and locations, ushers' job may include coordinating and organizing guest parking.

Ushers Handle RELATIONS With Guests

Do you remember what I said about how elegantly and royally those airline hostesses dress?

It is expected that ushers have a pleasant and neat appearance as well as a professional "face".

At the same time, they are expected to be poised under all circumstances.

That will help them in treating guests with respect in every situation.

One of those situations might be when guests are in the wrong seats.

A professional usher would ask the patron politely to move.

One of the jobs that you've probably seen ushers do is to pass out programs and or information about the event or social gathering.

They also answer questions that guests might have about performance/event times and intermission.

Further, they are responsible for providing information on concessions, the location of restrooms and even venue policies.

It is also their duty that the elderly or disabled guests have safe passage from the door to their seats. Ushers provide information on lost items.


Other RESPONSIBILITIES That Ushers Handle

It seems that what ushers do at social events is endless.

That is true because they can be asked to help in almost any task that would help the event or ceremony run seamlessly.

It is not uncommon for ushers to double as ticket-takers or as security guards.

When they are hired as security guards, they keep unruly patrons in control until law enforcement officials arrive.

If there is an emergency, ushers keep exit doors unlocked and unobstructed.


How To Be An AWESOME Usher At Social Events

Whether they are at weddings, festivals, funerals or theatre shows, they all have one thing in common. Hostesses or ushers keep events running like a well-oiled machine.

If you want to be an awesome usher, you must be atheletic looking.

That atheletic look goes with a height of at least 5 feet 8 inches for ladies or 1.7272 meters and for gentlemen 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8034 meters.

The main responsibility of ushers at social events is to greet guests as soon as they arrive and to provide them with the information they need in order to enjoy themselves.

Therefore, it is important that ushers have excellent management skills, good attitude including a polite and courteous demeanour.

Such skills are necessary for keeping guests comfortable and happy. In addition to keeping guests happy, ushers learn the rules and guidelines for these events so that all in attendance can have an enjoyable and hitch-free event.

Now let's talk about what ushers do before, during and after an event.


What Ushers Do BEFORE The Event

Before the event, you will be provided with information on what to wear to the occasion. Wear what the agency has asked you to wear.

Speaking of what to wear, make sure that you have your name tag identifying you as an usher for the relevant occasion.

Since ushers are usually the first event representatives to greet the guests, you can understand why you need to be well-groomed, garnished with a good attitude and best behaviour.

Additionally, you will be required to attend all pre-event meetings. Why is this important?

It is important because being at the meeting helps you understand what your responsibilities are.

As you walk through the event venue, you become amazingly familiar with the areas in which you will ushering.

This familiarization with the facility, helps you to be properly equipped to help the guests of the patrons.

Further, you will have the opportunity to review any safety rules and regulations for the event.

As you're informed on these safety issues you will be uniquely qualified to help your guests who might not be familiar with the policies abide by them.

Even though it is a bad 'culture' for most Nigerians, we ask, require, and beg that you arrive before the guests.

In fact, please be at the event one hour before it starts or at the time designated by your coordinating manager at the agency.

If your ushering job requires that you greet the guests, stand at the door and greet guests.

Greet them warmly and with a genuine smile, and escort them to their seats with a dignified style and elegance.

Always remember to greet them with personal greetings approved by the patron of the event.

This is most effective with a friendly charming smile and a few pleasant words of welcome.


What Ushers Do DURING A Social Event

There are many jobs that ushers do during a social event.

One of the most important functions of ushers is to seat guests according to a seating arrangement pre-arranged by the patrons.

In situations where there are no seating arrangements, simply escort guests to any available seat.

As an usher, you are required to perform the following duties:

Help guests to find their way from their cars to the event location.

Hostesses are required to be friendly and smile at all times.

Ushers are expected to be extremely courteous with a respectful attitude towards all at the event.

Sometimes, your job may include directing guests to which side of the event centre they should sit.

You must keep your hands off the guests and must stay in an area assigned.

In Nigeria, there are plenty of latecomers. Ushers are positioned at the back of the facility to greet latecomers discretely, find them seats without disrupting the guests that are already seated.

It is not easy to deal with people that are drunk. Ushers handle intoxicated guests tactfully so that they do not disrupt the smooth running of the event.

Ushers are there to make sure that guests don' drive while intoxicated.


What Ushers Do AFTER A Social Event

At the conclusion of the social event, ushers are one of the last people to leave the event centre. If there are any lost and found items, ushers hand them over to an event coordinator.

Before they go home, they help elderly ones and those that are physically challenged find their way from their seats to their vehicles.

Hostesses also make a report of all they saw and heard at the event. This helps the Agency in improving its services.


Qualifications Of An EFFECTIVE Usher

Ushers are very important in having a hitch-free and memorable event. That is why everybody is not cut out to be an amazing usher.

Many events have been ruined because he ushers did not do their jobs well.

This is highly significant when you consider that most events like weddings are not repeated.

How would you feel if you asked questions regarding the event and ushers could not answer you properly?

Worse still, what if you were given a wrong answer?

At the beginning of this article, I mentioned that I also talk about the qualifications for an ushering job. So, how do you qualify to be an effective usher?

An extremely effective usher will be at least 5 feet 8 inches or 1.7272 meters (ladies) and 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8034 meters (gentlemen).

A good usher needs to have a good attitude and an awesome communicative skill.

That means that an usher is a people’s person.

If you don’t like people and can’t communicate effectively with them, how could you be a good usher?

You have to have total confidence in yourself. Interestingly, no everybody is born with a high level of confidence.

It starts from childhood and those who have it should be proud of themselves. You just don’t become a confident person overnight.

Another important quality that excellent usher have is excellent good grooming skill. You have to look good and smell good all the time.

Since they are basically the face of the event and work closely with people they should not have offensive body odour.

On the other hand, they should not put so much make-up or wear 10 inches heels. Minimal make-up would be just nice since you don’t want to look like an opera singer who got lost.

Above all, a good usher talks/speaks, acts and walks properly. You need to give a really good impression of yourselves to others.

Good first impression lingers.Here are the requirements that you would need for landing that lucrative and incredibly mind-blowing ushering job you've been dreaming about.


Characteristics of An EXCELLENT Usher

 • For ladies a height of at least 5 feet 8 inches or 1.7272 meters and for gentlemen 5 feet 11 inches or 1.8034 meters.
• You must have awesome communicative skills.
• Out of this world level of High confidence.
• Good time management ability. 
• Amazing at multitasking.
• Ridiculously patience.
• Professionally groomed, neat and absolutely without offensive body odours.
• Ability to speak fluently and with the proper language.
• Somebody that's got the walk and the talk.
• Insanely fast learner.

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How To Contract Our Ushering Services

I know that at the beginning of this article, I mentioned that "if you’re looking to contract the services of a stunning professional agency that will provide you with most gracious awesome ushers for your next important social even.

Therefore, this article will provide you with the information that you would dearly need in order to make an educated buying decision".

This is Lagos Nigeria. There are tons of security issues and our team loves our ushers.

We're a family. Having said that, we vet passionately any individual or corporation that wants to hire our services.

We're strictly high-end and we still vet all our clients.

Sincerely, and candidly, we provide a different kind of ushering service.

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You get male and female ushers who are amazingly smart, intelligent, stunning and hard working.

Since they are professionally trained, you get ushers that are courteous, vibrant, respectful and professionals.

We provide ushers services for corporate or social events.

Our high-end ushering agency is uniquely positioned and eager to provide you with the most elegant females and males with a good attitude.

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