Warning - Do Not Join Any Modelling Agency Until You Have Read This!


Posted by Wilson Moore on 10 Feb, 2015. Updated February 24, 2018

modelling agency scams

Modelling agency scams are very common. No wonder many unsuspecting young girls and boys have been harmed financially and emotionally by such fraudsters.

If you're an aspiring model, it is very likely that you are very young and inexperienced and with a fireball of zeal.

Indeed, if you look very carefully, you will see that three out of every four modelling agencies that are listed online are just pure scams.

Now, if you take your pretty time, without being in too much a rush to be 'discovered right away', you will avoid the heartaches.

Right now, if you do a diligent search, you too, will discover a scam before it raises its ugly head. For lack of knowledge and desperation, some have stabbed themselves mercilessly with deep pains.

Victims of global modelling scams who are alive to tell their stories are dealing with heavily entrenched and lingering sad experiences engraved in their hearts, as if for eternity.

Some aspiring models especially, have been raped, abused and killed. What a shame!


Here's How To Spot And Avoid Modelling Agency Scams

If you won't have time for a simple internet research, you will have plenty of time for sorrow and for being sorry. Do your homework. Research the modelling agencies. Check em out!

Just go and do a Google® search with the keywords, 'modelling agencies in Lagos', 'modeling agency', 'model agency', and then follow it with the word 'scam'. Alternatively, you can type the phrase ' modelling agency' followed by 'review'.

Get this: while you are searching on the internet about modelling agencies, remember that EVERYONE of those modelling agency adverts on the right of the screen and in the pink or blue boxes at the top of your search results list are ALL scam modelling agencies.

This should be of interest to you to note: No modelling agent that is legitimate, advertises on Gumtree, Google ADS, Yahoo ADS, Facebook or any other social media sites for that matter.

However, reputable modelling agencies do advertise their casting calls on legitimate and above board networking sites like modelmayhem.comnewfaces.com etc. Are you a member? Check em out.

Now check out the results of your search engine sites, but don't stop there since some scammers will even write some positive and glowing comments about themselves. Just to counteract the negative reviews that people are giving them.

Genuine agents make money only by taking a percentage of the gig they helped the model get.

So, the gist is this: Legitimate modelling agencies don't charge any naira, dollars or euros for models to join their agencies. They make money from a percentage of what the clients pay for the work of their models. That is it. Are you getting it?

They do not have: "handling fees", "signing fees", "agency fees", or any "other kind of up-front 'before you can be signed fees', "portfolio fees" and "photo shoot fees".

Reputable agencies don't ask you to pay for 'test shoots' or for creating and designing your portfolio Instead, they spend their own money and use their time to arrange very specific test photo shoots with their own in-house photographer or an honest outside photographer. You will pay for the shots that would be on our site.

At Anaconda Modeling Agency®, we use our very own in-house photographers to capture the mood that enhances the marketing and branding campaigns of the corporations and enterprises that use our services.

Modeling agencies that are above board, really invest in their models. They see them as diamonds in the rough.

They do not charge their models anything up-front. In fact, legitimate modelling agencies do not expect payment up front for your composite card.

Some agencies may decide to deduct the costs from the money of your first paid assignment. Some choose to foot the bill altogether.

In many advanced countries, modelling agencies are by law, registered and treated as employment agencies. 

Reputable modelling agencies will never ask you for nude or suggestive photographs, accompanied with the false pretence of 'seeing how you look as a model'. Legitimate agencies don't webcam auditions or casting calls.

Taking into consideration what type of model you are, a legitimate agency might ask you to pose in a swimming suit or in your underwear in order to know what your body type is.

Further, legitimate modelling agencies are beyond holding mass casting calls/auditions in hotels or shopping centres. They get enough professional models that want to be represented by them that it makes no sense to stoop to such a low ebb.

Since modelling is not meant for the faint-hearted, reputable agencies will not entice or bribe you to join their agency with an immediate offer of guaranteed work. If you hear guaranteed work, be sceptical.

Besides, legitimate modelling agencies have physical legal addresses and employ real human beings that you can talk to you on the phone.

Alarm bells should go off if you are being contacted by an agency with just a website and a telephone number and no physical address. You already know, you need to do more research. 

However, genuine agencies may have Facebook accounts where people can view information and news about the agency. This helps them stay engaged digitally but would not count as scouting or advertising.


Reputable Modelling Agencies Respect Minors And Their Rights 

If you are a model under eighteen years old you definitely need written a parental/guardian permission to model. In addition, a legitimate modelling agency would require adult chaperones, on all occasions, to all photo shoots, agency interviews, and casting calls. Are you getting the point? 

It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure that the modelling work meets all government guidelines with regard to hours, and pay.

In some countries, a minor work permit may be needed. The law in most countries gives the parents, the authority to make model agency decisions on behalf of anyone under the age of 18. 

If you're under eighteen, beg your parents to help you in researching the agencies with you and or for you. 

Avoid modelling schools, their mission is to make money not to groom models. Ask them to show you the list of people they made superstars. Listen: they accept anybody that is willing to pay their high fees. They won't even guarantee that you will be accepted by a legitimate modelling agency.

At Anaconda Modeling Agency®, we provide our clients with experienced, professional and caring advice on the correct ways forgetting into modelling.Furthermore, we advise models and aspiring models about the inherent dangers of the profession.


Be Safe, Avoid Modelling Agency Scams

On the internet: Keep an eye on people who pose as modelling agents in chat rooms, instant messaging sites or on social media networking sites.

Never agree to meet anyone that poses to represent us, unless it is at our Lagos office - Anaconda Modeling Agency® (7/9 Sawyer Crescent, Phase 1, Gbagada Estate, Lagos, Lagos )

We do NOT work with third parties agencies photographers, or agents. We deal directly with our models. Reject anyone that claims to work on our behalf to produce portfolios for your benefit, as an introduction to Anaconda Modeling Agency®. We have in-house professional photographers.

It's important to start your modelling career with a reputable modelling agency. Therefore, be very vigilant, avoid the scams, since everybody is not as trustworthy as they might seem. Are you interested in filling out a FREE online application?