What Do You Really Know About Legitimate Modelling Agencies?


Updated by Wilson Moore on 10 February, 2020.

lagos legitimate modelling agency

What do you know about legitimate modelling agencies in Lagos?

Are you looking to find the best agency that would fit your modelling goal?

There are top modelling agencies all over the world in many megacities as there are countries.

Finding the best modelling agencies in Lagos may be a daunting task to an aspiring model since there are so many of them to choose from.

Not only that but as you search for legitimate modelling agencies, you would have to watch out for modelling agency scams that you will come across as you search for your perfect agency.

However, many modelling agencies in Lagos are not scams, too many are inexperienced.

Many of the modelling agencies in Lagos don't have accurate knowledge of the industry, and are poorly run and managed.

This article will help you understand correctly what the relationship between a legitimate modelling agency and a model should be.

Then, we will take an in-depth look at companies that some people confuse with agencies that are not the real deal.


Let's dive in.

Just because you woke up one day and decided to call yourself a doctor, doesn't make you one. True?

By the same token, just because a person woke up one morning and decided to call his business an agency, doesn't make it one, does it?

 A person is called a doctor for practising medicine.

A legitimate modelling agency is what it is because it does the work of a modelling agency, not because it calls itself an agency.

So, what work does a legitimate modelling agency do?

 Glad you want to know. So, please keep reading >>>


What A Legitimate Modelling Agency Does

legitimate modelling agency 

A modelling agency is regarded as an employment agency. This is very important!

If it acts as an employment agency, does it have a right to charge you application fee and then sign you up to an exclusive contract?

Can he guarantee you work for the duration of that 'exclusive' contract? What do you know? Ask your lawyer.

A legitimate modelling agency gets work for their models. It has clients who hire models.

A legitimate modelling agency puts models in front of those clients, through face to face interviews or through casting calls.

It books work for the models and takes a commission of the money that is paid to the models for the work that he booked. That is how it makes its money. It does NOT charge models application fees to represent them.

In addition, modelling agencies do other things that businesses do.

We're talking about things like advertising, bookkeeping, billing and the collection of money for their models.

They get involved in the development of their models, their career choice and many other duties that boost the career and self-confidence of their models.

They help them with an effective photo shoot. After the photo shoot, they take the great and "wow" pictures to design and put together a masterful portfolio and comp cards.

If the models are great, legitimate modelling agencies even invest their own money in putting together these marketing materials.

At Anaconda Modeling Agency®, we go even further. Since our parent company - Anaconda Marketing, Nigeria Limited, is in the marketing and branding business, you can see pretty quickly how a legitimate modelling agency compliments a print and digital media marketing and branding agency.

What a symbiotic relationship!


Things That May Look Like Agencies

what to know about modelling

Pageants, Event planners and all the others that are similar, are not agencies.

In fact, they don't claim to be agencies, and they certainly t don't act like ones.

Interestingly, many aspiring models consider these companies scams.

So, you ask why?

Because they charge them money up front.

You see, those companies run model searches or model conventions where aspiring models can be seen by real modelling agencies in the hope of being signed up by one of them.

They take their money up front because that's the only way they can get paid.

They don't get work for models to take a commission from.

Remember, legitimate modelling agencies, make their money from the commission they get on the work they book for models.

Websites are not agencies.

There are tons of websites that host pictures of models and their information.

Some of them are used by agencies to find models, while others are used mostly by models and photographers to find each other.

Some claim to be "agencies" or "managers", but they don't have clients. 

In addition, they don't operate in ways that clients can easily use their services.

Please note that a legitimate modelling agency will have an office with a published street address. It also has a published phone number that it can book models through.

Moreover, it has real people answering real phones during business hours.

If a company doesn't do that at all, it's not "an agency".

Websites that offer casting calls are not modelling agencies.

Interestingly, you see quite a number of internet sites that list "casting calls" for models.

 If you're paying attention, you will notice that these websites charge for access to their site or the actual information on casting calls.

They are not modelling agencies. In fact, most of them are scams, with "casting calls" that are bogus, worthless, outdated, and or not authorized by the casting directors for release to the public.

If you search carefully on the internet, you'll notice there are just a few websites that post legitimate castings on them.

Most of those are free. Examples: Modelmayhem and Newfaces.

Even though these sites post casting calls, they do not replace the need for an agency.

Modelling schools are not agencies. It is true that some of them have agencies attached to them, and some even act in part like agencies.

If these modelling schools could make money by booking models full time, they would.

Since they can't meet their financial obligations just by the schools alone, that is why they act as if they were a legitimate, full time modelling agencies.

Having the title "agency" on a stationary does not make one a modelling agency.

Get this: "Mother agencies" are not modelling agencies.

Wait a minute, they just might be.

You see, the best mother agencies are those ones that can get local work for their models.

In other words, they act as real agencies while developing and sponsoring their models to the larger markets.

But the "sponsoring their models to the larger markets" part is not acting as "an agency".

That is the job of "managers".

The gist of the matter is still that 'mother agencies' are just what they are – 'mother agencies.'

They are not the real deal. They are not modelling agencies.

Personal managers, development companies and management companies are not modelling agencies.

personal managers are not modelling agencies

Personal managers are just what they are – personal managers.

Just like a mother agency, they may groom a model for the large market.

Personal managers can help a model put her portfolio or comp cards together.

She can help her get signed by agencies and even assist in managing the model's business once she is signed to a modelling agency.

None of that has anything to do with getting jobs for models.

They are not agencies.

Have I lost you? Still with me? We're almost done.

Sometimes management companies are agencies even if they don't say so in the company name.

All of the important "model agencies" in Lagos that you have heard of are not "agencies" at all.

They just act like them (which is really what this essay is all about). It's a matter of legal definition and regulation.

So if they aren't "agencies", what are they?

They are all "management companies".

Yes, they make their money by booking work for models.

For all the purposes you care about, they are "model agencies". But their title doesn't say so.

Are we getting anywhere?

And it's worse.

Also in Lagos, there are lots of other "model management companies" who do not book work for models and don't act like agencies.

What do they do?

They act as "personal managers" - or at least the better ones do.

The moral of this long story is this: don't pay attention to what a company calls itself. That doesn't mean much.

What counts is what they actually do for you.

To understand that, you have to actually read what they say about themselves, ask questions.

Ask how they make their money, and pay attention to what they say.

Is this not your business? Then, if you don't take the time to do that research, your "agency" may not be one at all.

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