Modelling Casting Calls |:: [What You Need To Know]


Updated by Wilson Moore on May 5, 2020.

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What do you know about casting calls? Did you know that casting calls are really job interviews with models and actors? They are used for the auditioning of various films and television commercials, catalogues and magazine shoots that are used for campaigns.

These auditions are conducted by a casting, marketing, or an advertising company. The purpose is to select the most qualified models or actresses for the promotion of a particular product, service or brand.

It provides actors and models with an amazing opportunity to showcase their talents in front a casting agency on why they are the most qualified to promote the agency's product, service, movie or brand.

The criteria are usually based on the pre-determined preferences of the agency. At the casting call, models or actors have an incredible opportunity to convince the casting agency on why their talents are most suited for the promotion of their product, service, movie or brand.

Unfortunately, it is a most competitive business and that is why many times, and not surprisingly, very few models or actors are selected for a gig. There are instances where models that many thought 'looked perfect' for a part were not selected.

On the other hand, there are tons of models that many people thought were 'not pretty enough for the part', and would 'never make the cut', that became the darlings of the casting agencies.

So, why do some models do well at casting calls, while others don't?

Many models or actors that don't get parts, just don't have a basic idea of what the casting agencies are looking for. Importantly, they don't know how to prepare for a casting call.

Additionally, many have not been real to themselves by taking the time to do a serious research on what the modelling or acting business is all about. Being a success at modelling is not gonna be 'sharp sharp' either.

Candidly and sincerely, it will take knowledge, wisdom, hard work, focus, and a generously delightful embellishment of good attitude.

Amazing Tips On How To Be Successful At Casting Calls

This first tip does not take a rocket scientist to figure it out and appreciate. Be clean, stay killer fresh without being irritating to others with annoying cheap perfumes or ungodly odours.

That also includes picking out the most appropriate types of clothes that will make you look like a professional model or actor. Such clothing would also give the casting agency a modest look of your body type.

This is especially important if you're looking to get into high-fashion, commercial or print modelling business.

Please go real easy on the makeup and look as natural as possible. When you do, you give the casting agency a perfect opportunity to see how your awesome talents would enhance their project.

Additionally, by taking it easy on the makeup, the casting agency can now, pretty well see how adaptable, versatile and effective you would be for different types of jobs that they have in their pipeline.

Men should come to casting calls looking fresh and properly groomed.

Have plenty of confidence. That's the key to standing out from the tons of other pretty and handsome models that want the same spot that you're there for. You may be amazingly beautiful and well packaged, and watch an 'ordinary' and confident model or actor get cast for a project.

Confidence will leave a lasting impression on the people who are conducting the casting call.

The casting agencies or agents are looking for raw talent. Your talent will glow and shine if you go to every casting call with full confidence. Confidence shows that you have what it takes to make the campaign a success. Keep a good attitude closer to you than your smartphone.

Good attitude trumps all the other qualities that a casting agency is looking for.

Types Of Casting Jobs And How To Prepare For Them

Product advertising casting calls require that you model a mockup of the product for the campaign or print job. As you do, the person holding the casting call would take a picture or shoot a video of the scene. Such a person could be the casting director, photographer, or art director.

You may be required to just smile at a camera, drop your comp card and head out. At other castings, they may inform you of what the gig involves - the marketing and branding concepts.

For showroom casting calls, this is the time you try on some clothes, shoes, and or garments. It is important that you take a good shower, use a good deodorant, before putting on clothes and shoes that other models will try on. Please be considerate, personal hygiene is a must!

At some showroom castings, the fashion designer is there. Don't be surprised that you may be measured, your photo taken in the clothes, or shoes to see how your talents would complement their campaign. After that, you are requested to leave your comp card.

When you show up for a TV commercial casting call or for print work, you may be asked to "slate". 'Slate' means to speak to a video camera. As you do, you state your name and the name of the modelling agency or agent that sent you.

After that, you're asked to hold a product like a cell phone for a video camera shot.

How well you do at that moment, determines whether you get the job or not. It is a quick interview "if you are what the client" is looking for.

Magazine casting calls usually involve a photo shoot at the magazine's office. In addition, if the casting is for an editorial photography, beauty, or shoes involved, that casting focuses on how to sell those types of products.

Therefore, for a magazine casting call, be very prepared. There will be close-up shots, and you may be photographed for whatever the casting, calls for.

Have your comp card ready in hand, since you will be asked for one. Keep in mind that castings are very quick. As soon as your name is called, it takes but a minute and you're in and out.

Your friendly agency should tell you what to wear for casting calls since they have all that information given to them before a casting call.

What To Expect When You Go To A Casting Call

You will need to take your comp cards and portfolio with you. When you arrive, you will be required to fill in a form the time you arrived, your age, sizes, your agency's contact information. You may be given details of the job they are casting.

At some castings, you may have to wait a long time before you are seen. Some casting gigs will give you a number as you arrive and you are called for auditioning based on your number.

Bear in mind though, that every casting is different and sometimes you might be called in a group and sometimes one at a time.

It is important that you never leave the venue of the casting because if you miss your turn, you will not get a second chance and your name will be crossed off from the list. That is also a good reason not to be late!

Never be late!

Once you are called you will be expected to either enter a room with casting directors or a photographer. They will ask you a few questions and explain what you have to do. You will either be required to act a scene out, walk somewhere, or just have some photos taken. Once you go in you will not be there for very long.

After your casting you can leave. Any queries, and call backs will be done through your agency.

You must never contact the casting directors or agents directly.

Casting Calls Reminders

Please don't be tacky. It is disrespectful and un-professional to be late to any appointments.

Therefore, show up early, on time, and not late. No excuses. Usually you are provided with a sign in sheet. The sign in sheet will have spaces for you to write your name, agency name, and the agency's phone number.

Later, you are assigned a number according to how many came. And you wait your turn in the reception area. Finally, you go inside the casting call room area.

At the end of your casting call, it is professional to always say 'thank you' and 'it was nice to meet you', before leaving. Leave a positive lasting impression. Be nice and professional.

Please ask before casting.

If you do not know what to wear, what the casting is for. ASK. It is so annoying when girls show up to a casting and end up asking the other models "What is this casting for?"

If it is possible, wear something that relates to the casting. If your modelling agency says "casual" or "hip" - then a skinny jeans and a top are always an easy choice.

Before a casting call, learn how to be comfortable in different situations. Study how to be quick, bright, with proper photographic perspective. Get the gist of the job - the concept, the strategy or the goal before the casting.

No legitimate agency wants to fail. Therefore, your friendly agency wouldn't send you to a casting call where you don't have a chance of getting the job.

The bottom line is that being prepared for a casting job, not just showing up, is how you make your dream job a reality. If you want to join an awesome modelling agency, fill out our FREE online modelling and ushering jobs application form.